The Future of the Western Flyer

Our goal is to provide opportunities for hands-on, real-world exposure to marine sciences while planting the seeds of curiosity and inspiration in our natural world. While on board the historic Western Flyer, schoolchildren will participate in a marine science curriculum, tied to the Common Core Standards. They will learn the history of the boat, and how it represents a unique intersection of science and American literature. Children will not only work with a marine biologist on board, they will also engage in hands-on science activities. These activities will include collecting and examining specimens, and an on-board remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) so that children can personally navigate to explore the ocean floor.

The Western Flyer Foundation plans on serving children from across the west coast of North America, including Canada, Mexico and the states of California, Oregon and Washington.

For more information, contact us at info@westernflyer.org